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  1. i can’t access, so what’s the point of the free trial? i have sent an email to cancel please do not take money out of my account on nov 5th, i will find info you have on other channels, there are many telling the truth that do not have the hoops to jump thru you have; and the complications; i have been more than informed for 30 yrs.; you are catching up, and you are all about money, evidently you don’t understand the new age that’s here and now; and what actual loving/giving/sharing is that rewards immensely come back in full and overflowing from the universe….and you evidently don’t know about Nesara, that’s been talked about for more than 15 yrs (i knew from beginning and understood the purpose for) and now it’s Gesara….that is global; backed by real true mineral assets of the earth, prepared already by prime source creator… the 17th letter, jfk, jr; robert k, potus, charlie w; know about, so does gene de code….oh well, perhaps you’ll learn….leanita aka yahna leah8

    1. Hello Leanita!
      Thank you for your message, I am sorry you are having trouble navigating the site. The summit was a complete success! We had many contributors talk about things that we have chosen to keep in a private area as to not get shut down. Recently our social media accounts have been targetted and are being closed. If you need more time I am happy to extend your trial. We also have a sponsorship program that we promote for members that need support and can not pay the membership fees of $9.99 monthly. We also have interviews with Charles Ward and he talks all about Nesara/Gesara. There is a loop whole when sharing information if people “pay” for it, legally it protects our contributors and supports our platform and all the costs that are involved in making things private. Thank you for feedback!

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