Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower

UFO Disclosures & Pentagon Files with Special Guest Cyrus A. Parsa

Thursday July 15th, 2021 @ 6PM PST LIVE 2

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THE ENGINEERED VIRUS AND THE STEALTH WAR BETWEEN THE U.S. AND CHINA “Boyd Swinburn, an Australian professor and longtime member of WHO’s nutrition advisory committees, said: “WHO is getting hijacked. They’re cash-strapped, and they’re bringing the private sector in. That’s very dangerous.” Proven fact is that the WHO, in collaboration with the private sector, must…

Unexplained Alaska – posted for a Community Member

I gotta do more research on this but I found something really strange searching on Google earth.  The pictures coming are in an extremely remote section of Alaska.  For the past 100 yrs less than 650 people have lived here per year.  Lmk what you think it is…. Preview attachment Screenshot_20210323-224028_Maps.jpg Screenshot_20210323-224028_Maps.jpg510 KB Preview attachment…


  1. Having some issues with 9p east show. Says: Shakanni Wisdom for a New Earth Channeled by Brandon Bozarth…and I’m the only one there.

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