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Cycles: Each and every one of us and ALL that is around us – are part of them:

Listening to Peter Temple helped further validate something that is always a constant.  Yet, when using the term ‘always’ it is a bit of an oxymoron here.  The word ‘always’ is actually described by means of the following; consistently going on, all the time and every time.

Yet, even if there is change, the term ‘always’ is often relative to what you may be interested in and/or invested in as well.  It seems the key is to recognize that the idea of always may mean ‘all ways’ – and with that said this would then cover the variables.

Peter Temple uses numbers and events to bring forth the idea of consistent – inconsistency.  This idea, IMHO, can also mean that even though something may be always going on within a certain area – the data and the events still follow a type of progression and then set-back.  There are highs and lows, ups and downs (hence all ways).  This can also be described as cyclical and within that – patterns.

Pretty much almost everything in our confines of energy, in what we call the third dimension (3D) based on our perceptions, must abide by the laws of nature that includes such ebbs and flows.

Let’s look at how we conduct our daily lives.  We wake from restful sleep.  Our bodies need this, some may need more/less sleep than others and at various times more rest is needed than at other times.  We recharge our bodies with fuel.  Certain nutrients go in and this is converted by our metabolism into energy.  We then perform our daily tasks – which in and of themselves are also cyclical – only to sleep and repeat once again.  Our moving machines (cars, boats, planes, etc.) work the same way and also adhere to maintenance schedules and although some things do not move by themselves in a spatial way, they do need down time (PCs, iPads, radios, etc.).  Almost all types of equipment and technology need a type of fuel, as we do, to perform their tasks (electricity, gas, hydrogen, crystal, etc.).  They also need maintenance schedules (some more than others).

As we then get back to ourselves we tend to follow ‘patterns’ which involve our jobs, education, taking care of family, the household – all with varying responsibilities.  As we proceed with the aforementioned basics we also need to incorporate breaks and/or vacations to help recharge both the physical and maybe even more importantly, the mental aspects of our being. If we do not adhere to attempt balance we will more than likely suffer a type of stress, starting with mental and often leading to physical, that over a period of time if left unattended becomes worse.  Symptoms may then appear that can cry out for help – which may include a potential outlash which manifests in an attempt to balance the lost equilibrium. 

Within our brain there are brainwave patterns of different kinds, it is an incredible neuronetwork, and if we do not balance these patterns (see December 25, 2020 post) the aforementioned becomes an inherent possibility.  The jest here is, and we all have different personalities therefore the degree of what comes next may vary,  that we all need time for rest, play and to be creative to maintain consistent production.

As Peter Temple mentioned, cycles are everywhere.  Let’s take a look; students who study for a period of time and then get spring and summer breaks.  Athletes train, sleep and fuel correctly to perform whichever activity they need to do.  Most often they have ‘off-time’ when events and games are lessened considerably.  The list goes on for nearly all endeavors in life.  There are seasons and cycles that have both high and low points, the ebbs and flows.

To take this a step further this goes on in nature, there are periods of dormancy in volcanoes and then points of eruptions.  There is activity with Earth’s sun, solar arcs and flares and no doubt every star within this universe goes through similar cycles.  Mr. Temple alluded that the solar system itself can affect humanities cycles in certain ways and that this was discovered (in modern times) in the 1930s by a host of luminaries and scientists. 

The list goes on.  The infinity insignia postulates this idea as well ∞.

This process, whether we recognize it or not, happens with us and all around us ‘all the time’ (‘always’ description in the first paragraph), day after day, week after week, year after year, century after century and so on.  Peter Temple said and demonstrated that it goes on in the market as well where finances reach highs and yet – they often can come back down.  An easy example is simply to follow the price of gold. (

He explains that history repeats itself with defined durations, regardless, if it is social unrest, real estate, the stock market and all else. 

What does it all mean? Well, whether you are a student, an athlete, a caring parent, a work enthusiast, a seer and so on – learn to take breaks.  Understand that ‘All’ is most often always cyclical and that perhaps information from the likes of Mr. Temple and most importantly our own intuition can also be awakened to better adhere to ‘rhythms’ that can be worked with.  We here at Conscious Vitality strive to understand this.  Like riding a wave it is best to know when to hop on and when to hop off.

There are several old sayings that came to mind when I observed this video – they are:

“There is nothing new on this world – only the history we do not know about.” 

                     –  Harry S. Truman

“Timing is everything.”

                     –     ?

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