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What an informative interview!  As we strive to move forward we know science and technology can be used to progress, stagnate or decelerate our human evolution.  It is rarely ever, an innate object or technology can be labeled as ‘good or bad’ but always the INTENT behind it which often determines the potential and eventual outcomes.

A thank you to Mr. Larry Castro for coming forward on Conscious Vitality network!  During the interview we heard what may be potential insights to coming technologies, the players and the race to have some control of Earth’s ‘outer’ space (via satellites).  Some applications discussed we use in our everyday lives – only now we may soon be given another choice as to what we may use with perhaps more privacy put back into the picture.  Mr. Castro also delves into the importance of understanding the Quantum level and its many repercussions onto our world.

If you have not seen/heard this interview – you may want to do just that!


Also I wish to mention as we strive to move forward, to take our state of ‘being’ another step outward – perhaps into the cosmos (the macro), we hopefully will maintain integrity and values along the way, while keeping an open mind.  However, we must not forget there is growth in learning things, or maybe remembering them, not only as we reach outward but also as we explore inward.  In fact this might be described scientifically at the quantum level (the micro), eg. mass to molecules to atoms, to protons/neutrons to quarks to energy waves, which then may be a type of field of ‘vacuum fluctuations’, perhaps with varying frequencies overlapping and therefore becoming dimensional.  This BTW, is an encompassing idea that is shared by several open minded and renowned scientists, some you no doubt know of.

Point ‘being’ – regardless of the continued advancements in understanding both the macro and microcosms’ of our universe, our consciousness may well extend beyond these parameters.  IMHO, we need to be able to make some conscious choices of our own validity often enough to allow a continued advancement in growing our consciousness.  The energetic understandings at the quantum level (remember knowledge is power) may in fact be a helpful key in understanding part of this process – which may include chosen informative-energy-associations.  Here is where perhaps science and the metaphysical meet.

Choices to make uninfluenced yet informed decisions may be a pre-requisite of conscious advancements.  Yes, it may take time and mistakes are made along the way (like that never happens with today’s modern technology anyways) but this allows for growth – and often our greatest advancements are as a result of our experiences.  IF choices are taken away then we may just end up standing in line as mindless consumers.

For us to individually and collectively ‘boldly’ go (or perhaps back) to where we were meant to be – the ability of choice – to use our own innate GPS (genetically programmed system) should be allowed.

Like a car with a built-in GPS (global positioning system) – if the feature is in the vehicle but the driver is not allowed a ‘choice’ to use it – it will be of no help to the driver to get to where he/she wishes to be.

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