In general, one of the deadliest strains of avian flu circulating today is H5N1. This strain has occasionally jumped from birds to humans, with a mortality rate approaching 50%, far more deadly than any human flu. Fortunately, the virus has never gained the ability to be transmitted directly between humans. Until now: Covid-19. 

Beginning of May 2019, the defense unit of the U.S. Department of Defense announced an offer for a DOD Phase One Project. It specifically mentions SARS-Cov / MERS in their documents. Phase One is to identify broadly acting small molecule inhibitors of virus infection. Basically, some kind of a treatment that they can give to humans so that they won’t be affected by these viruses. Warfare is mentioned several times in the papers, and that they want to start doing lots of replication of these viruses and test their products to prevent an infection.

End of May 2019, in a nearby town, in Fort Detrick, MARYLAND, the military research facility puts out an advertisement for hiring an animal caretaker, suggesting that they have animals at this facility.

In June 2019the CDC goes to this medical facility and they find that it has not been following protocols about containment. And it’s exactly at this point that “vaping illness”, which had been around for a couple of years, suddenly starts the first and enormous boom in cases.

Vaping illness? Doesn’t that story sound familiar to what Steve Bannon and the Western Media were accusing China of? Secret lab, bio-weapon, not following protocols, leak, inside job etc.?

Well, it’s all interesting for two reasons. The only enormous spike vaping illness has ever had in cases happens to go along with the entire above timeline, and its symptoms are literally almost exactly the same as Covid-19. Even the lung CT scans, which are very strange, are strange in the exact same way as Covid-19.

They have a sort of a “ground glass” appearance inside of the lungs. Plus, this vaping illness also causes pneumonia and fever.

If you want to know more on this particular puzzle piece, watch the following video before you continue reading below.


Let’s break down the major events to get a better overview of the past 10 years, leading to Covid-19 and the Economic Crash:

1- In the spring of 2009, a novel influenza A (H1N1) virus emerges. It was first detected in the United States and spread quickly across the world. (10 years before Covid-19, and most likely a first test-run on a global scale. Remember the 10-year cycle for pharma companies, the WHO, and the elite to create vaccines and prepare the next virus) 

2- In 2010 David Icke receives the mysterious document of the 2019 “Event 201”.

3- In 2011, two scientists, Fouchier and Kawaoka, alarm the world by revealing they had separately modified the deadly avian H5N1 influenza virus so that it spread between ferrets and could therefore, potentially, also spread between humans. (their experiments were highly welcomed by the Obama-administration when the scientists began with their studies, suggesting that a bio-weapon attack on China was already part for the preparation of Plan B) 

4- In October 2014, U.S. officials announce an unprecedented “pause” on funding for 18 GOF studies involving influenza or the Middle East respiratory syndrome or severe acute respiratory syndrome viruses. Fouchier’s and Kawaoka’s new dangerous experiments are put on ice.

5- In 2015, following the conclusion of the 2015 Military World Games, China wins the bid to host the Games for the first time in 2020. (that was most certainly no coincidence, especially after Xi Jinping became Chinese president in 2012 and rumors made the round that he will receive the titel of “leadership core”, meaning a life-long presidential leadership over China as of 2016. Therefore China would not become the third pillar in the globalization masterplan of the Kabal and Plan B of a bio-weapon against China had to be initiated behind the cover of an international event) 

6- As of 2016 Bill Gates begins to actively warn in TED talks, interviews and documentaries about the next pandemic, the importance of vaccinations, and the fact of how unprepared the industry is. (it’s another promotional step to bring more people on the side of the Kabal’s agenda, blending them through famous people like Billl Gates, bought News Channels, and big Hollywood Stars that will become puppets to spread the word and have the mainstream follow protocol by separating the wheat from the chaff) 

7- From 2016 – 2020 China’s financial power, the mega project of “One Road One Belt” make the news and fear spreads at the White House on many economic, financial and militaristic levels. The situation with Taiwan and Hong Kong worsens and plays a very important role in the final call for the 2020 pandemic and the dismantlement of the CCP by the U.S. .

8- In 2017, the U.S. has a $336 billion trade deficit with China and a $566 billiontrade deficit overall.(China made the U.S. very nervous that year, which might have let to the (quiet) NIH lift of the funding pause for Fouchier’s and Kawaoka’s “bio-weapon”) 

9- In December 2017, NIH lifts the funding pause of Fouchier and Kawaoka, and invites new GOF proposals that would be reviewed by a committee with wide-ranging expertise drawn from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, D.C., and other federal agencies.

10- March 15, 2019, the Hong Kong Protests begin. (the U.S. warning through the Hong Kong protests against the CCP proves to be inefficient for almost two months. The next phase of Plan B will be initiated in May) 

11- Beginning of May 2019, the defense unit of the U.S. Department of Defense announces a bidding for a DOD Phase One Project. (SARS-Cov / MERS, Warfare are mentioned in the documents) 

12- End of May 2019, in a nearby town, in Fort Detrick, MARYLAND, the military research facility puts out an advertisement for hiring an animal caretaker, suggesting that they have animals at this facility.

13- In June 2019, the CDC goes to this medical facility and they find that it has not been following protocols about containment. They want it to be shut down. 14- On September 28, 2019, the first peak of a corona-virus, documented as “vaping illness”, happens in the U.S. near the bio-lab in MARYLAND that didn’t follow protocols. More and more cases emerge that will be swept under the umbrella of the annual flu-season once this one starts. (testing the engineered virus in a small community, so it can be easily contained and doctors can be paid off to keep their mouth shut, had been a success. The last phase could therefore be initiated for the coming 3-4 weeks in order to tackle slight improvements before the Military World Games in Wuhan will begin) 

15- On October 18, 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation host “Event 201”, a high-level pandemic exercise. (the same day the Military World Games take place in Wuhan. Enough time to send over an agent with the U.S. team to infect patient 0)

16- From October 18-27 2019, The Military World Games take place in Wuhan. (the official incubation period of Covid-19 is 2-14 days depending on a pre-existing illness, age and immune system strength. An agent would have had 10 days to infect people not only in Wuhan but also from around but still within Hubei Province while accompanying the U.S. team and going on some sight-seeing trips) 

17- On November 17, 2019, one month after Event 201 and the Military World Games, the first patient, 55-years old, with Covid-19 symptoms is reported in Hubei Province. (the CCP releases their first official Covid-19 report to the WHO one month later on December 31. It is still unclear whether there were other cases before the 55-year old patient or not. However, if the virus came from the U.S. to the Military World Games, it is very likely that there have been other undetected cases between October 23 and November 17, 2019. The very first patient therefore should have appeared between October 23 and November 1, 2019) 

18-On March 11, 2020, the WHO declares Covid-19 officially as a pandemic and initiates their last phase of Plan B that will eventually lead to the violation of human rights, global poverty through a world financial crash, the introduction of a global currency, global micro-chipping for annual forced/mandatory vaccinations(with the excuse that a corona-strain mutates constantly)digital 5G control over any individual and legalized martial law in the aftermath.


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