Self Mastery

Is It Time To Add Some ‘Self-Mastery’?

By Tony Sivalelli, Author, Ambassador to Conscious Vitality

I have now been following Conscious Vitality for six months. As you know there is much to be found here with so many informative guests on the network shows. Everything from the Secret Space Force (SSF) to health advices and concerns, current events, psychedelics, insiders who have come forward to share both their good and not so good experiences all to help us become aware and much more. 

Another area here that is shared on a regular basis is the idea of channeling. One short explanation for this for those who are not familiar with the term is that a particular individual, the channeler, is allowing information via another conscious entity (or perhaps even another aspect of that same person eg. past or future) to be put forth. The particular individual garnishing the data is then termed the ‘channeler’. The process for which the information is received may be called channeling. After information is received, or even during, the channeler may then convey whatever the message is outwardly to others. This can also be called channeling.

Here at Conscious Vitality the ‘being’, again perhaps an aspect of consciousness of the channeler, that has come forth to relay information to the Conscious Vitality (CV) network is named ‘ShaKa’ and the channeler is Mr. Brandon Bozarth.

In my nearly 30 years as a UFO researcher I have looked into several channeler’s or the likes thereof along the way. I am not an expert here. The names of Edgar Cayce, Seth, Sylvia Browne, John Edward, Abraham- Hicks, JZ Knight, Lyssa Royal and Bashar all come to mind and some (if not all) you have no doubt heard of and/or are familiar with.  Each of the aforementioned is and has been unique in their own way. In my particular research I found Bashar interesting because the nature of his ‘being’ is allegedly from the future as an extraterrestrial (ET)/human hybrid. Well, the same holds true in a similar sense to that of ShaKa, who is an ET humanoid said to be from a time-line apx. 300 years into our future. A race called the Essassani’s.

I am not here to write if every prediction or bit of information is right by any channeled being or if some is right and some is not so right. I have looked into enough of these things from a learned perspective to understand that just because something comes true or does not – does not always mean one is so called right or wrong with data. That approach is perhaps limited as it often comes when one is closed minded to a larger reality that also includes time-lines. Different time-lines may simply mean that we as beings of this third dimension may just be more complex than we imagined and that also there may be more aspects of consciousness to every single one of us than we can currently understand and perhaps may even be ready for. I will have to say during the last 25 years or so many more scientists, who are quite brilliant in a particular field, especially those of quantum mechanics, are now more so than ever opening up to the idea of different dimensions – and if so, those of us who felt this aspect to be true all along (many in the UFO field and also insiders from areas like the SSF who have come forward,  some interviewed here at CV by AVRJ) perhaps know what may come next , that if indeed there are multiple dimensions, then the idea of multiple time-lines will soon be hypothesized more by some in science. Time and space may be related and time is also often referred to as the fourth dimension.

Now, let us get back to channeling. What is the essence of channeling? IMHO, it is to relay information. Here is where one may need to sense for their self while also opening up to a greater awareness all starting with the idea that each and every one of us may be more than we often give ourselves credit for. This bit of information has been relayed to us for many, many years and by many Masters of our so called spiritual faiths, practices and beliefs. Jesus was said to say “I and the Father are One”, also “The Kingdom is within” and “These works and greater shall you do”. The Buddha had said “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” and “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours…” The list goes on and on. Also, it is not just spiritual Masters but great philosophers who have pushed the notion all along that we are more than we think we are – and it starts from within, Socrates said “To find your self – think for yourself”. Many Master types through the ages had/have often encouraged us to ‘choose’ to gain knowledge and faith over the limitations of ignorance and superstition. 

I cannot speak for any specific channeling or its authenticity and there are many who also seek to exploit. Deception itself, regardless of the subject, has been with humanity for as long as man has been around. Yet, what I can say is that there is a commonality to be found here at Conscious Vitality in that ShaKa has relayed a particular message many times that the masters had/have all along put forth – that we are of something greater than just our physical selves. This one message in and of itself has great merit. It can help us learn (and/or remember) and change our perspective on life.

As we slowly learn and take in bits and pieces of information about our own reality, our place in it, the abilities that we have and more, we begin to realize that the messages of the masters of what we construe to be from the past (?) are also fluid and that they may be the same messages that we are now getting once again from part of our very own future (eg. ShaKa). These important messages are not limited in time or space and as we slowly awaken to the idea that just maybe the Masters have been helping all along by not just by their words, but by ideas of things like self-empowerment, processing your fear and community connection, we then realize the idea of ‘Self-Mastery’. This in turn may help lead us towards living while simultaneously recognizing, allowing (eg. what ShaKa calls the ‘Law of Allowing’) and then practicing our passions hence leading to fulfillment – and that may just be what we have been seeking all along.

If you get the chance (especially if you have not already), you may wish to take some time and look into the idea of learning more about your own ‘Self-Mastery’ and check in on perhaps another helpful way to such progression and tune into the ‘Self-Mastery’ show here at CV with ShaKa and Brandon Bozarth. I know I speak for most of the community here and say ‘Thank You’ to them for sharing – Shavi!

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