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 Joel, thank you for the efforts and interviews with Mr. Anthony Zender and your interest in looking into the ‘Secret Space Force’ (SSF) subject matter with Conscious Vitality.  I am not here now to ask/suggest or speculate what is true and what is not.  I wish simply to help take an objective look at this (FWIW, I try to take an objective approach to it). Personally, I feel there is and has been a secret space program (SSP) for a long time.  I feel it has evolved along the way – also with what I call Not-of-This-Earth Intelligences. In other words, as humanity has evolved in our understanding of the various sciences eg. quantum physics, space, time, etc. – so has the SSF program.  I have found in researching for many years that the best way (for me at least) is just to take it all in.  From there what we can remember becomes important and that is what helps us with pattern recognition, connecting the dots and even some acquired intuition about any subject. 

Another thing in this field is that sometimes one can be telling a truth and yet, that memory is from a recall that may have been tweaked in some way by someone else – the intention here may be to create another effect eg. to discredit or mis-direct.  Then what may have been spoken about previously (and again in the future) which may have been, or will be true is also questioned.  I am afraid it has always been this way.  Yet, as one long time experiencer/researcher told me ‘mis-information’ is often used when there is actual information that someone wishes to be questioned, to create confusion.  If I recall others who have come forward have mentioned this during previous interviews as well. (note: I will get into more about UFOs, TT, SSF at later times.)

Regardless of any of that, we keep going over it.  The data can, in this way, be imprinted.  Yet, it is VERY important to take breaks.  This is healthy and actually leads to better retention as this allows the mind and subconscious mind to renew (everything is cyclical).  An old study sponsored by the ‘The Office of Navy Research,’ by Charles Ferster and J.B. Skinner, which later came out in print titled ‘Schedules of Re-enforcement’ (1957, also referenced in Jaques Valle’s book ‘Dimensions’, Ballantine, 1988), basically concluded the best way to learn things is to do so by means of periodicity (consistent data review over time), with some unpredictability (same data presented in different manners) with breaks.

I also wanted to say I personally DID like the music in the background, yet I realize it may still have been too loud for some.  I have learned that soothing background sounds (especially of the metaphysical type) may actually help one retain data.  They can help relax the mind.  I studied this at The Monroe Institute (TMI, Faber VA., Robert Monroe founder 1978, previously called Monroe Industries) by attending physically the courses and using their tapes.  This idea was a part of the discovery and understanding of the out-of-body experience (OBE) programs that TMI runs – it is all in the data transference from certain brain wave states that take place.  TMI uses a process called Hemi-Synchronization (synch) waves (patent, 1975) utilizing now which is also referred to as Metasounds and SAMusic.

In a nutshell, without the technical data (see below), certain sound frequencies can be both relaxing (to better allow for focus) or stimulating at the same time (neurologically inside the brain so to speak). Either way they may enhance memory.  Another discovery I made during research is that sound does not even have to be heard (volume wise) by the conscious mind and yet the subconscious mind can pick it up (BTW, subliminal procedures, both sound and optical [seen by the naked eye] may be around us more often during our day-to-day lives than most even realize).  So I would suggest if you as the interviewer are comfortable with the low level background sounds (and there is no complaint by the guest) then continue to exercise your choice to keep doing so – and it literally can be even at a lower volume – do not worry your subconscious mind will pick it up and your conscious mind and others may not even notice it!

Some Technical Data:

Most can hear consciously between 5,000 and 20,000 HZ, as we get older less.  Research has found that the subconscious awareness can be taken in at a much lower volume – at apx 1,000-1,500.  At TMI they use a duality sound system that combines conscious audible and subconscious sounds that is referred to again as the Hemi-Synch sound approach. 

As a side note brain waves work at different frequencies.  Delta is sleeping below 4Hz, Theta is between 4-7Hz just before we wake and sleep, and here is where we may pick up subtler energies.  Alpha is daydreaming, between 8-13Hz and Beta is awake, between 14 and 32Hz.

The dual Hemi-Synch sound can produce a cerebral-like wave length in the brain – wave patterns that allow a type of neurological transference to take place.  What may happen as a result is that the Theta brain waves transfer some data to the beta brain wave state (awake).  Then upon awakening one might be better able to remember a dream, perhaps an OBE, etc.

To close here we on the planet may also have what can be described as a type of ‘Collective Unconsciousness’ as well (Jung -1916, and several others have referenced this).  Look at the number of hits at the below link (and many others of similar sound) – as no doubt it does seem to suggest some ‘intuition’ on a global scale:

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