The Idea of ‘Manifestation’

By Tony Sivalelli, Author, Ambassador to Conscious Vitality

We have all heard of ‘manifestation’. What does it mean? Dictionary explanations are ‘the action or fact of showing an abstract idea’ or ‘an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something’ and also ‘a symptom or sign’ ex a healing or ailment. This of course is what most people might think of.

During the early 15th century ‘manifestation’ was used to describe ‘action of disclosing what is secret, obscure, or unseen’. Also the idea of exhibition, demonstration became part of the concept during the late 1700s. The spiritual and phenomena sense of the word gained greater use during the 1800s.

Yet, perhaps there is more. We at Conscious Vitality also like to look at things that are beyond the realm of norm. To look outside what is called the proverbial box, to seek. This is not anything new to the said ‘Masters’ who throughout our history have sought to go beyond the limited boundaries we had set.

Maybe we wish for something to become more apparent, more tangible and/or visible. Regardless of this latter idea, maybe the most important thing to understand, to help bring about any ‘change’, to bring ‘something’ to fruition – begins in the mind. We have all heard of the expression ‘Action follows thought’. Well, thoughts begin somewhere as well. They begin with a mind that is open to possibilities. Then something more can happen when one opens to the endless possibilities of the universe. 

   The universe is energy in and of itself. You can give this energy any name you wish; God, Nature, Source, Infinity, the Universe, etc. The name may not matter nearly as much as an understanding, a belief, perhaps better yet a ‘knowing’ that you and I and all else are a part of it – this omnipresent energy that can become informative as we or any self-aware being begins to connect and from there our ‘consciousness’ grows by adding more information. With that we also know that knowledge comes from information. Then once something is more greatly understood there is a confidence. From there one is better equipped to ‘choose’ then to act while believing, and again better yet knowing, as action is taking place (again remember ACTion follows thought).

We have to also ask, is the idea of manifestation only in the realm of esoteric thought? Could there be some semblance of science, in how we might understand and explain such a thing?

That answer, up until recently, may have been no – but now since we have begun to understand the world of quantum mechanics, beginning at the turn of the twentieth century to our current day – that answer may be ‘yes’.

  Near Geneva Switzerland there lies home to the ever amazing technology of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It lies close to 575 feet below ground surface. This advanced piece of tech is nearly 17 miles in circumference, shaped like the infinity insignia. It also weighs in excess of 30 tons. It is one of the places here on Earth where various things are explored in the realm of science which includes; dark matter, black holes, the Higgs-Boson particle, particle acceleration / collision and much more. Many things have been looked at since the LHC build-out (1998-2008).

In particle physics things that make up molecules, which consist of atoms, are taken apart and looked at. Here you get into the area of protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, etc. all the way to the boson-particle which is often referred to as the ‘god’ particle by some, simply because it is said to hold subatomic aspects together. From there it gets even trickier. Some feel waves and string theory connect particle energies. Recent discoveries at the LHC have been wavering (yes a pun) to yet another direction in which some feel at the smallest particle realm in our dimension of existence there lies action in that each subatomic particle has the ability to turn into another particle. That the essence of the smallest aspects of particles in and of itself are all geometric (think triangle, circle, square, tetra, etc.) and these shapes can change via the twisting and turning done behind the scenes (potentially another dimension of existence behind each particle). This has been referred to by some over the years as E8 geometry (inclusive of crystals and/or E8 lattice grids).

There are several theoretical physicists and scientists who have come out to talk about this type of idea recently (see Klee Irwin, Garrett Lissi, Nassim Haramein, etc.). This ability to change from one geometric configuration to another does not have a definitive name per say. Some have called it a type of gage-symmetry-transformation, others particle transformation. It may not be officially recognized by many in the science community. Yet, there may sooner or later have to be a way to describe what was once thought of as wavering in the realm of the mystical and called ‘alchemy’, the ability to change one substance to another (ex water to wine). 

One cannot fully be sure, but this idea of transformation may have additional history in other areas, for example the idea of a holistic herb as an ‘adaptogenic’. This means when one uses a particular substance, say for instance to help ones health – the substance is broken down internally and used for a particular need. Now this may simply be that we have not totally understood the make-up of each herb used and/or it could go back to the theory of an ability of energy particles to change (as was just looked at previously) and the body itself has intelligence behind its own cellular make-up and the two energies work together from there to help the body seek and produce a type of homeostasis.

No one is making any claims. Yet, the idea of manifestation has had for some time relative type parallels to it. It is also fact that science has and is continually exploring the possibilities.

   With all said, perhaps the most powerful aspect of the idea of manifestation begins and ends with the mind. A consciousness that is open to the energy of an unlimited universe. A connection that is innately sought by each of us but is often discouraged (perhaps by design) by factions surrounding our existence, which may often then lead to a re-learned and conditioned environment.

In most all scientific experiments there are comparisons. Something is used and something is not used to see an end result. The something used is often a particulate to see if it may work or not. In comparison that something is paired with another something ‘thought’ to be used to see if there is a result or not as well. If there is a result achieved, and many times there actually is without even using a particulate, then this is referred to as the placebo effect. This idea suggests that the power of one’s mind can sometimes be the difference maker. These types of studies are most often done ‘blind’ which means all participants that are involved do so without knowing which particulate they actually received ex one being the medication or herb the other a sugar pill.

Why the sugar pill? Because the study wishes for the participants to believe that they are using what needs to be used (a said particulate coming from outside of themselves) to accomplish something, often even health.

Many said Masters throughout our history have been deemed as such because they possessed the ability to change things. This often started at a particular time in their lives, a time when they began to think differently. Many had called it a knowing to their connection to the infinite. If they fell down, like we all do at times, they knew to get back up, to once again call upon the infinite to help manifest their idea, which began with a thought. 

Perhaps the knowing of this helped produce a type of vibratory frequency that works both inward (ex love, health, connection to source, etc.) and outward (an ability to manifest) even if it is not instant  ‘molecule transformation’ per say, but over time achieves a result. Remember as well we know all around us there is energy of some kind. There is never nothing ex even things like air, radiation, etc. are there even if we cannot see the particle compositions. Theories like E8 may also allow for the possibility of a connection to higher dimensional realms and that ability may be used with thought to potentially change environment – for the positive or negative. The choice is often yours.

With that said I sometimes personally feel there may even be a type of oversight to each and every one of us, an aspect of awareness that our consciousness can connect with. Also, it is here that other aspects of our being may receive help. Some may describe this help coming from guides, guardian angels and/or simply a higher connection of ourselves to ‘Source’ and/or even simply another aspect of ourselves that is on a higher plane of existence that moves back and forth in space-time. This aspect of our being is beyond the physical. Yet, it often works with the physical. Also, this aspect of existence may not always agree with what we think we want (often ego driven). It may know more about what we really desire and wish to re-member. It may understand not to fight and try to change nature per say but to allow things to play out. Yet, it understands we desire to be fulfilled and joyful, to follow our passions – but it challenges our physical as well; to think, to bring out ideas, and then to act in accordance with a greater connection to help manifest them. Remember you have allies on your side as well. One is change, it is constant throughout the universe, and yet this concept can parallel the idea of manifestation and the potential of some of the science behind it. Time can also be used to our advantage, but here patience may be virtuous.

No one said it was easy to manifest. However, if you plant the seed of correct thought this begins the process. Then you take actions (like the watering and fertilizing a plant parallel). Become aware of your surroundings but even more important your own continual thoughts thus often avoiding both environmental and self sabotage. 

It would seem ‘Mastering’ and ‘Manifestation’ might go hand in hand. Things may not need to be miraculous per say each time for each and every one of us – but to be fulfilling – and that just might be what we actually need. Peace to all.

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