December 21st 2021 – JAX Warriors of Truth


  1. Onya Jax mate, bit of a spunk there too lol. When I saw your video intro I thought “ahhh a filipina” then when you started talking I saw the lil nose and aussie accent and thought “how could I be so wrong”… then OMG you say you were born there LOL wow, right after all…. don’t worry about me Jax, I’m just a bit of a wally sometimes…. PM me anytime for an inside chat mate, and I’m always REAL 🙂 cheers BTW I chose @Derick for my soul name but sometimes my messages/comments would show as “David” – go figure. Looks like this’ll be a good show sweetheart!

  2. Thankyou Jax, I received your transmission in my soul. The codes feel activated & true. I’m excited to keep tuning into your broadcasts. Thankyou for your magic

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