April 20th 2021 – Self Mastery with Brandon Bozarth Channeling SHAKA: What Are Extra Terrestrials And Why Are They Here?


  1. Love this and I hope I will soon be open enough to allow myself to experience more in my life. Because I have had some crazy things in my life starting at my first memories as a baby around 1or 2years old
    I definitely know I remembred past lives and Remember trying to tell my family but I had a very very bad childhood and now I think that all those negative things almost caused me to not believe in what I know to be true! What I rember from before about all the other planets in our galaxy was planets much like ours that other beings destroyed and that’s why it seems that their is no life there! I can really remember knowing these things at a young age! Like we was very poor with addict parents who would leave me andy 2sisters and brothers with no food alone for days by ourselves! And me being me would says to my siblings,”it’s ok we will have a better life next time it’s ok we are going to be happy again some day! Not even to mention my experiences in later life but that’s a long story! But may we all open our hearts and minds to love and awakening to the next level! Blessed be!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing so openly with our Community. We are all light bearers here and surround you with loving kindness and supportive energy. It sounds like you had a difficult time as a child but your inner knowing was strong and you were able to shine a light for your siblings. I truly hope you are able to find the understanding and compassion you need here and are able to move forward to experience life in all of its wonder!

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