April 2nd 2022 – The War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Vaccine Nation Part II with Special Guest Dr. Larry Pelevsky


  1. great conversation! I love Larry Pelevsky, so grateful for wonderful brave souls like him speaking truth loud and clear!

  2. Sadly this has been superceded, the TRUTH is out NOW, get water filters at a MINIMUM, and the usual protocols now banned stuff, is required for treatment to the POISON released in Wuhan…. People ARE being killed trying to expose it: https://rumble.com/v10mnew-live-world-premiere-watch-the-water.html Watch in WONDER and be careful – EVIL is fighting humanity, this is NOT a religious video but clears the mind and tell you WHAT is being done to kill us all, but there are CURES if you know what it is…. watch and be amazed, prepare yourself for the mass awakening.

  3. I wish after these past 4 shows, virology part 1&11, and vaccinenation part 1&11, we would have a Q&A. I am disappointed they never got Thomas Cowan on but he has a lot of podcasts available.

  4. After watching the past 4 shows (and for the past few years a ton of other shows and books), I’d like to know WTF is covid? Alec and Aaron said they both got it. WTF is it? People say it is something. If virus don’t exist and contagion is a myth, how does one even get covid. It doesn’t exist and it is not contagious. I think the answer is it is not covid, it is 5G, chemtrails, chemicals, drugs, vax, fear, shitty water and food, not enough sun and nature, negative beliefs and thoughts, trauma, not enough love, etc, right? There is no such think as covid, can we say that please?

  5. It seems, Aaron, that you have a perfect moment to reintroduce Hawkins Muscle testing for the truth as a tremendously powerful tool we all can use in this war on consciousness.

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