August 24th 2021 – Quantum Shift with Clayton Thomas: Vaccines


  1. I took this product every day until it ran out and I didn’t notice any detoxing effects ?. I paired this with pine needle extract after hearing they could help with removing nanotechnology. I got the PCR test at the beginning of the year before I found out they were bad and I discovered later on that my nose is magnetic. After finishing this product my nose is still magnetic. I would also like to add that I did a 5 day water fast, a 10 day water fast, ate super healthy, am not exposed to many environmental toxins (cookware, household, beauty products), and I also did a 28 day detox (most powerful healing experience I’ve had) after the exposure to the PCR and before trying root. I also heard another naturopathic doctor who I really trust say she didn’t notices any differences after taking zeolite (no idea what brand she took). I’m not trying to discredit the product at all- it would be amazing if it really does work, just looking for maybe some helpful information.

    I am very interested in ways to detox these things from our body.

    1. I can wholeheartedly testify to the magic of these substances. Sometime it can take time to really notice any effort of benefit. Personally an hour after I took clean slate and zero in my headache’s disappeared and my anxiety drooped to a level of peace.

  2. You nice americans are very fond of abbreviations.. cool, but on this platform you’ve got many members from other countries, so could you please explain what the abbreviations are abbreviations of? CDC e.g. – some health institution?

    1. It stands for Center of Disease Control and it is corrupt just like other government agencies like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration.

    2. CDC stands for Center for Disease Control. Its an agency that acts as if its a federal agency when its actually a private company. They are the ones who issue the arbitrary “covid dos and donts” who people think this agency has any kind of power to tell us how to live when they dont. They are corrupt as hell.

  3. So 90 percent of the Danish population is going to die very soon… that’s just craziness. Sorry, but that is too far out!

  4. I have heard the vaccines are bad, but I do not like when it seems like the narrative, whether it be pro or con COVID vaccine is used to try to get you to buy products. I have this same qualm with Info Wars. It seems as if they are just trying to scare us to get us to buy their products. Reading the below comments it doesn’t appear they are effective anyway. A Course in Miracles would recommend “magic” and states it is not the body but the mind that needs to be healed. If that is the case and people believe in this “magic” like a placebo, then these products might work. If there is doubt, however, over their efficacy then I don’t believe that they would. With shedding and spiked tests that contain the virus at this point I will put my faith in God. I think Governor DeSantis said it best yesterday when he said, “We are done with fear.”

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