1. Why is it that you believe this guy? His being in jail does nothing for his cause. I don’t believe for one second that Austin Steinbart is “Q” but he is very entertaining! ^_^

    1. Hi Lynne, We try not to ‘believe’ anything 🙂 but to investigate all information presented to us and share our thoughts, feelings and experiences with the ‘Truth’, It Is Out There!
      Austin has simply flawed us time and time again and “Q” or not we love to listen to him and discover together.

  2. He also claims to be from the future. Why is it he didn’t know he’d be arrested if he was from the future? ^_^

    1. Interesting thought, so why did Jesus allow himself to be crucified? Wasn’t He from beyond time itself? I still hold a secret I learned when I was 16, I’m 65 now, some things are best left as is, or timelines can be changed for the worse Lynne 😉

  3. Well, with the Trump question, he did very well in not answering it. He’s a pretty smart guy. As I’ve said before, he claims to be from the future. Seems to me, even though I’ve heard him say Trump would win, why didn’t he know the true outcome? I would imagine he’d say that he did but didn’t want to influence the outcome by saying anything. Just another smart answer, in my opinion.

  4. When Trump is re-elected (I mean legally, like he was this time) in 2024 and the cheaters have been deprived of their methods, things will start to be better for the world. In an ever-changing timeline, depending on what EVERYONE individually does, this one is pretty crap so far but at least interesting. I too feel responsible for some changes as I did a water “shift” to save a suicide from happening a couple years ago. She’s now fine (turned 20) but we are in turmoil. I wouldn’t change it.

  5. wondering if you have drugs in prison they do in Arizona prisons.. so weird.. to me And They get all the vaccines for free.. unfortunately

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