December 16th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Great Awakening, True Protocols, and Divine Mother with Special Guests Dr. Zelenko and Marisa Acocella


  1. Dr. Z needs to be introduced to Dr. Raghavan and Nano-Soma although he’s done wonderful work… (and for people who cannot afford it yet.)

    Thanks all, love you all, God Force blesses you

  2. Thank you all for this valued sharing. I intend to listen to it a couple more times for the nuggets of wisdom. Thanks again and God bless ❤️

  3. Dr. Zelenko is not only a doctor , he is one of the greatest spiritual teachers alive on this planet, God bless him , I am glad I subscribed to this channel or I would miss that wisdom.

  4. Dr. Zelenko’s eyes lit up when he spoke about his children & wife! You are doing great work Dr. Zelenko! Thank you! And thank you to your wife and children for giving you the support and love you need and the joy you deserve! I was once told that beside every great man, there is often a great woman guiding him along. Unconditional Love & Infinite Gratitude to you all!

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