December 18th 2021 – War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Secrets of the Federal Reserve


  1. Serial. I’m stuck in the mental health facility system at this time. Do you have anyone with insight here, in how I can get out of their control and pigeon hole?

  2. Wow that was awesome! I have heard of this stuff before but trying to get your head around it is not easy! Looking forward to the Q&A!??

  3. Good video guys, thanks Robert, Aaron and Brandon – much love. Knew about this stuff and have been trying to process it all, since I’m an Englishman in Australia it’s a challenge. My mum cannot sign as witness to my birth as she is gone, and my dad didn’t see it, so it throws a spanner in the works a bit. I got stuck on that (although you don’t mention ‘live birth witness’ in here and I’m sure you do in the “membership” section at House of Markus);
    I’m sure there are other organized sites elsewhere (and individuals) who know the ‘links’ to the relevant stuff in their own countries….. What we need is a database of this info and how to interact with them. Thanks again guys, God Force blesses you “fellow Jedi’s included @Justin ” 😉

  4. hey Guys, the sound quality is not good with this video. No problem with our sound on other videos including the one in the link in the comments. It is “shrill” no midrange or bass tones

    1. I agree, and the mics need to be muted when not speaking because you can clearly hear someone eating on the audio background and it’s really distracting 🙂

    2. I’m getting the same sound issue here. Sound was good on Aaron Abke’s YT channel preview. It sounds like the sound was re-recorded through laptop speakers.

  5. So after researching this in official mainstream sources (I know the devil whohooo), I didn’t find anything about the Rockefellas being part of the founding bankers. How can this so called expert have never researched even the basics bro?It’s Paul Warburg, a german-jewish banker and some other dudes. “For nine days, working all day and into the night, the six men debated how to reform the U.S. banking and monetary systems, trying to find a way to make this nation just finding its footing on the global stage less subject to the kinds of financial collapses that had seemingly been conquered in Western Europe.”
    I’m starting to think this whole WOC series is just a very intricate way to shun social responsibility. Taxes do go into public services and the American Health system is the most expensive, least effective and most corrupt under industrialized nations because it is completely in the hands of the pharma lobby. The problem here is late stage capitalism and legalized bribery. Furthermore, the fed is not above the government: “The Federal Reserve System is not “owned” by anyone. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by the Federal Reserve Act to serve as the nation’s central bank. The Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., is an agency of the federal government and reports to and is directly accountable to the Congress.”

    1. I hope you are at the Q&A so you can make these points and get their responses. I think you can email the questions ahead of time if you won’t be present to the livestream.

  6. The sound quality is very low compared to the other episodes. Could you fix this? I want to listen to such amazing episode and information in the sound quality it deserves!

  7. Hey guys, thank you so much. It validated much of what I already was aware of and also answered questions that I had and more.
    Thank you all for being a beacon of light in this sometimes very dark world.

  8. Kudos to Aaron and Brandon for taking this topic on. To bad Robert is not giving us a clear way out of the Tyranny, but if you go to TASA you will find a clear way out that is the lawful restoration of our original government “by the people”. Anna Von Reitz and The Living Law Firm have 40 years of research giving us the keys to unlock the mess.

  9. TASA and are free information sources, no pay walls. They are all about the restoration of our lawful federation by peaceful means, through education and exposing the lies and frauds.

  10. I found this chaotic. Nice people but no framework that could lead people on. What was the point of this.
    went to the Corbett report Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve. Lucid. recommended

  11. I dont recall where i heard this but there were a few very wealthy men against the Federal Reserve and coincidentally they were all on the Titanic that sunk April 15 ,1911.

  12. What happens to those who don’t go through the process of getting their rights back? If everything is “pre-paid” for those who do, won’t those who remain under the slavery regime pay the price?

  13. i thought perhaps covid was to make money but Robert Kennedy Jr said it was never about money the elite have plenty its all about control.. And i didnt believe in Reptilians at first but i do more now..IF it is Reptilians .. they would want control over humans and age has nothing to do with it.. Gates, FAuci and others are all pretty old..but if its for reptilians well we have no idea how long they live.. and many feel they are on the planet now.. I think the Queen is one of them she does not age much.. but well its a theory.. i also wonder if that was why Diana wanted to disconnect from the royal family and why her son Harry did but i have no idea..

  14. i know this podcast isn’t live but i hear a distinct sound of someone eating, utensil hitting the glass dish, noises of chewing, smacking of lips, grunts etc. I’m sorry people need to eat i know but its very distracting from the conversation and a lil disappointing that this person doesn’t have the self awareness of he can be heard, “loud and clear”? The first part of this fantastic disclosure is hard to keep up with because of it. Suggestion to the person who didnt turn their mic off. ..
    please, mic off. thank you

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