December 23rd 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: SSP, Galactic Slave Trade & Liberation with Special Guest Rebecca Rose


  1. What moves me here is the authenticity and raw power of this exchange. Wow…thank you Laura and Rebecca, bless you both.

  2. When Rebecca is saying “my service,” is she referring to enslavement? I don’t understand the use of the word service. Thank you

  3. Yes, a published “leading” specialist on childhood trauma outright denies SRA in his book that is otherwise compassionate, gaslighting survivors. He’s been traced to it.

  4. Thank you this was a wonderful show. Your dearly loved Laura for all you do. I’ve followed you for years, keep up the great work & amazing interviews that you do.

  5. Many are remembering, many are awakening, many are now aware of their experiences. Powerful energies are at work gather, believe, love, support each other.

  6. I love this, thank you so much ladies. I’ll have this on reply over the next few weeks. Bravo ! ???Much love❤ ??

  7. I loved this interview! You are both awesome and I followed the thread. xoxo
    This information is important to hear and know. xxoo

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