December 24th 2021 – Ascension Connections with Andrew Genovese – Mystical Creatures Return in Planet Earths Awareness with Special Guest Maria Dimakos


  1. I’ve been sungazing since July 2019, started with 10 seconds, got right up to 45 minutes in 2020 and now cut back to 15-20 mins/day…. often I see a bluey / pink haze around her. I also saw my first huge mothership gazing one day, very close to the sun in the sky – man was I excited! Funny you should talk about this subject as during the last video of yours I was thinking about gazing. Always speak to God Force during a gaze, and thank Logos for her energy and healing and power and somehow feel some day soon will have unbelievable powers… that thought often enters my mind.
    It’s summer here in Australia, I get to gaze almost every day so life is good. Sungazing and watering the garden barefoot I think is key, connecting the light and terra planet Gaia through me is ‘so’ opening my 3rd eye. I feel just like giving giving giving all the time to others, and it hurts not to be able to give more sometimes. Feeling like all I need is energy here, not things lol I want to sell everything and give and help. Keep using your “real” background Andrew, it’s nice and homey (I do the same), is that a fireplace behind your right shoulder? Curious! Thanks Andrew and Maria, I like your real background with the copper pyramid behind you too! God Force bless you both.

  2. Thank you both , for some reason I chose to listen to this today and its been magical ,funnily enough for some reason I have been talking to a dragon morning and night asking for help just cleaning and clearing the energy where I live keeping it very light for me and my cat Teddy so its a happy home for us to live in i have not seen my dragon yet but I am enjoying this feeling of having a big guy on my side lol as always in the light I do not know any people who speak like you , but I have had all the thought you speak about so it is nice to hear them out loud what a wonderful way to start 2022 thank you for your truly lovely teaching s today

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