December 29th 2021 – Ascension Connections with Andrew Genovese: Who are the 144,000? with Special Guest Aurora Ray


  1. Thank you Andrew and Aurora (and cat)…. great session…. regarding a new earth “system” the GodFather of change is in fact Bill Mollison, father of permaculture and writer of “Permaculture – A Designr’s Manual” and Chapter 14 is the one you need to read…. “STRATEGIES FOR AN ALTERNATIVE NATION” which shows seperate togethernes, free thinking, low work, easy life, new currency (local only) yet still connected thru tech to the world. It’s an essential read (TAGARI books Australia $120), I recommend reading the whole book, and an hour each breakfast will take about a YEAR! God Force blesses you and blessed us with Bill (R.I.P.)

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