December 4th 2021 – The War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Levels Of Consciousness


  1. Thanks for this. I find that this puts the consciousness in clear context giving some clear markers with a sense of how all levels relate to one another.

  2. The pandemic. It took me a while to wake up to that. Now I gotta move to courage to face that reality. Can’t wait for your guys take on it.

  3. L (Lafeyette) Ron Hubbard made an emotional tone scale that is similar to Hawkins .. scale . And an expanded tone scale where below apathy is punishing bodies..etc Im wondering if you could muscle test a book for truth.. might try that on my book The Real Anthony FAuci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health by Robert Kennedy jr. This is way more interesting than federal reserve .. in my opinion

  4. Our LOVE that live in Heaven let us sooth our humans whom believe the dream is real and awaken them from all fear and guilt and let them be relieved from false perception that they may see the happy outcome of all things…….in the name of LOVE….Amen!

  5. I asked ShaKa about Hawkin’s map of consciousness in the June 1st class and this is from the transcript: The idea of this, in particular map of consciousness, is a helpful tool for the physical reality that you’re in mainly third density, slightly into fourth density. But understand these measurements cannot absolutely be complete because you still cannot measure pure consciousness. You can only really measure electromagnetic energy that relates to the idea of emotionality. But there’s another component to emotionality and that is the etheric nature of emotionality and because you have not been able to measure the etheric aspect of in a sense the whole picture of emotionality, you can’t actually create a scale that can actually measure the vibration or frequency of these emotions yet, but this will do for an overall in a sense hierarchy type of permission slip that does do a fairly good job at explaining the idea of expansive energy versus contracting energy. Depends on how you want to use them.

  6. I am so stoked for your conversation on Cryptocurrencies! I actually sent Aaron a DM on IG about this roughly a year ago. I had a pulling to invest in cryptocurrency and soon thereafter asked Aaron’s thoughts on it.

    I said something like “Hey Aaron, do you have any thoughts related to crypto currencies and spirituality?”

    I am SO excited to hear you speak about this. As always, thank you so much!

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