December 5th 2021 – Sacha Stone Live: What Is The End Game?


  1. Was going to grab a few minutes of this and had to stay for the end. Particularly enjoyed Sacha’s suggestions for the new economic paradigms, great show, thanks for the education.

  2. Our historical time line came together in this summary of Tartarian civilization as the missing link, filling the big gap that we could only feel before. I’m sure there is more to fill-in, and that is truly exciting. Awesome diggings!

  3. Another awesome session guys… Sacha Artist, Sculptor Architect and Draftsman… ahhh a man after my own interests 😉 These are the subjects I recieved honors for in school myself, Tech’ Draw’g, Art and Music 🙂 Is it any wonder I feel such a connection lol Thanks once again guys, wonder filled and wonderful!

  4. Thank you for another fascinate show! The insight about “the origin of the so-called evil” is very illuminating and an important perspective to keep in mind in our awakening process.

    It may be worth to note that in the channeled book The Law of One, Ra said in session 11.9 ( that Genghis Khan was one of the few who graduated as service-to-self individuals. Negative polarity graduation requires 95% STS.

    Also the Great Wall was originally built by Chinese over millennia to protect against invasions from the north, especially from Mongol Empire, who eventually occupied China briefly before Ming Dynasty (,, thus the location of the Great Wall.

    Love and light!

  5. Q: Who went to the Orion group?
    RA: The one known as Genghis Khan… Genghis Khan, at present, is incarnate in a physical light body which has the work of disseminating material of thought control to those who are what you may call crusaders.

    Q: What do the crusaders do?
    RA: The crusaders move in their chariots to conquer planetary mind/body/spirit social complexes before they reach the stage of achieving social memory. (read Session 11 for the full picture)

    While Mongol Empire may have helped Genghis Khan graduate, I wonder what kind of “accomplishments” belonged to Taras Bulba and Rasputin, for even Hitler didn’t seem to make it, yet we know almost nothing about the two. If Sacha could do a show about these individuals that would be groundbreaking!

  6. Allo to all. I wanted to mention that it’s very interesting that Sacha talks about the Dauphin. I’m related to them. I haven’t one person ever talking about them. And this is my first episode that I’m watching of this series and it ended up being with the Dauphin. Interesting. I’m really intrigued by his info. I know we can find info about it, but we never know if it’s really the truth or not. ThanQ Sacha for this show.

    1. I meant to say that (I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. ) auto correct tends to kick in and change my words.

  7. Loved this! Incredible photos of the trees. I have been researching sound healing so the fact that ‘they’ removed the bells is a healing that they tried to hide from us. Thank you.

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