1. By Tony Sivalelli, Author, Ambassador to Conscious Vitality

    I personally have been in the health and fitness field for many years. With said I am still learning every day (we all are or maybe it is remembering as we see through the veil). Dr. Marcel Wolfe made several good points. One we can all observe and then act upon is the awareness of inflammation. Exercise (without over doing it) enhances circulation – hence not allowing as much inflammation to take place. Just being active with proper hydration also improves the body’s ability to rid debris (ex lactic acid build-up, etc.).
    There is much to ‘light therapy’. Dr. Wolfe’s (and of course others) studies show this. I will add that I had previously worked at a Zoological Park as a volunteer for several years. Many of the animals would seek a rest period in the sun’s rays for various periods of time and yet seemingly know when to not overdue it as well. That is Nature operating with regards to what has become instinctive. We also need to remember that sunlight helps us synthesize vitamin D3 which recently has been discovered to be a very important nutrient for our immune system. This process works because we have vitamin D receptor cells that through a chain of reactions by means of converting cholesterol in our skin, produces vitamin D3 when exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) ex the sun. This nutrient is of outmost importance to be both plentiful and available for immune response and Dr. P.R. Raghavan amazing webcast here on CV is DEFENITLEY worth viewing:

    January 14th 2021 – Conscious Evolution with DR. P.R. Raghavan: Viral Victory! The Invisible Enemy Has Been Defeated – Conscious Vitality

    I t is also worth noting that several scientists are beginning to find and believe that there may be a bit more to the simple tiny photon particles (part of light, light therapy and the quanta of electromagnetism) than we once thought.

    – Best to all in the CV community, Tony S.

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