February 17th 2022 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Ceres Colony Cavalier! with Special Guest Tony Rodrigues


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Tony. I would love to get your book, and I plan to in the future. It’s very difficult hearing hard testimony of being hurt. Destroys my heart.

  2. I loved the feelings of intimacy of this emotional conversation with two big-hearted spirituall wariors!
    Definitely feelings/dayspa therapy,,,

  3. It helps to remember that you are not your thoughts. They are passing through your body vehicle but do not define you as a soul. My understanding is one’s level of consciousness determine the thoughts one’s mind is able to pick up.
    I appreciate all this information but it was hard hearing Laura’s inner pain and struggle. Don’t forget to self care love, even if it means pushing back these episodes. We can wait, find your peace. I love Laura so much. Amazing conversation, first time I heard of Tony Rodrigues, feel a kinship in the calm of his soul. I have been working to live as transparent as I can. Have this inner knowing that after 3D everything including thoughts are transparent for all to see. Love and acceptance of self helps tremendously.

  4. I’m just in the middle of reading your book Tony. Your compassion and lack of bitterness towards ” the bad guys” is SO moving after all you have been through. And Laura bless you. The authenticity of this conversation touched my heart. I felt you both in our common humanity. Love and blessings beautiful people.

    1. I meant to say I read Tony’s new book and loved it. His “personal battle” against all odds to where he is today is amazing.

  5. Thank you Laura for doing these cosmic Gaia episodes. Blessings of all and ever greater depths of love to you.

  6. Thank you Tony for your sharing your wisdom and kindheartedness. May more love and grace fill you to depths still yet unknown.

  7. Just start living speaking and ‘Thinking’in your TRUTH- in this moment of Now – just in case someone or something is reading your mind. ??

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