February 12, 2022 – The War On Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth – Virology And Isolation Part I


  1. Is 5G causing covid ?-also why does the malaria drug help and ivermectin? if it is not a virus Fever is suppose to release toxins i have heard . as long as its not too high it is not a problem.. Wondering also how much programming by TV has to do with this . ..i only listened to parts of this so maybe you did address that already..

  2. Thoughts also “poison” us, not just the environment, causing the healing symptoms. Fear of cv19 for example. My understanding is once there are symptoms, the healing process is nearly complete. I have not seen the Terrain movie yet so maybe they talk about these things. I look forward to your part 2. Was there or will there be a Q&A for the “plandemic” shows?

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