February 21st 2022 – Shred The Veil with Daniel and Derek: Ancient Wingmakers Part 2


  1. There is a problem with the posted episode. It keeps on repeating the first few minutes, and then it ends at what it seems like the beginning 1/4 of the episode!

  2. I think this philosophy gives too much credit to Anu as an all mighty being that can even enslave human souls after death into other incarnations, but then calls humanity the “the sovereign integral”. Then who is Anu and his race? Are they outside of the “one and infinite Sovereign being” that makes us it’s integrals??

    Derek and Daniel, I strongly suggest you guys review the Law of one material as presented by RA. Aaron Abke, and his YouTube channel can be a great source for you.

    Anu and his race having manipulated human genes to create a slave race is a part of our history. But Being such a negative entity focused on the need for a physical substance such as gold could not have the power to enslave the supreme consciousness! The philosophy presented here has many contradictions, interwoven with fear of Anu and his crafty work!

    The explanations given in the Law of One by RA are far far more elegant, and they answer nearly all the questions regarding the full cycle of existence.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion on the The Law of One. We are familiar with the material. Great idea to cover it here! Yes, this philosophy certainly has some interesting aspects to it. The vast amount of information on the various websites was a bit overwhelming to research, but very intriguing at the same time.

  3. Sons, I really enjoy these sessions and makes me so proud of my star child’s. Glad you mentioned the Urantia Book since my dad gave to me and I gave to you. His influence was larger than I thought but so happy you are sharing this. Mom

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