February 3, 2022 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Special Guests: David Icke and David “Nino” Rodriguez


  1. This video is messed up. It keeps going back to the beginning and then repeating same info. I hope it can be fixed!!

  2. I think consciousvitality is being hacked, just from the comments here. Don’t know about you guys but I can’t get onto the Channels page, where you can access Laura Eisenhauer, Brian Bozarth,, or ANY previous videos. I didn’t watch them when live, because I wanted to watch them later. ADMIN, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE! Wrote an email, but I don’t think they believed me. Thanks

    1. I can’t either. I emailed and they said that they are trying to move platforms due to the social media gurus bullying etc. I was actually going to cancel my membership, but will give it a bit of time. I think they’re trying, but are facing an unseen enemy- as are we.

  3. That was my most excited thought when I experienced my spontaneous awakening (or remembering) I can take full control of my life! Taking full responsibility for everything I experienced in my past and have been learning the nature of reality ever since. I’ve seen my world change numerous times based on my thoughts and feelings at the time. Now I’m thinking and feeling that the masses are awakening and taking back their power. Creating what I want to see

  4. Only the controlled opposition are still talking about Covid. The real truther’s are talking about child trafficking/Adrenochrome. I

  5. Bless Bless Bless You
    David Icke.!!! I’ve been listening to You, Godhead..for 32 years!!!.

    Bless Bless Bless Yu Laura, and David, for bringing this interview forth…just Awesome!!!
    Bless the creators of this plateform..thank you very much, too!!
    I just found out that a local woman..
    who runs an alternative new outlet..and has spent almost 3 weeks in Ottawa with the Truckers..well, Trudea n’t looked her square in the eyes with disdain..and she is feeling the threats…of income..and her bank..to be frozen..perception..
    is ouch, when the eyes of tierney bear down on you-
    she is soverign..alas…

    Bless All <3

  6. Mine was fine! anyway, D Rodriguez asked a great question at the end and David Icke’s response is fire!!! love DR & Laura together!

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