February 8th 2022 – Self Mastery with Brandon Bozarth


  1. replay was hard to find i found this by putting in Brandon in search box.. otherwise would not have found it. sort of hard to find..well now it wont be i hope

    1. @Roslyn Halperin – what I have been doing is writing the date in the search. Like this one shows up if I write February 8 2022.

  2. I had to leave after the 1st half. Listening to the 2nd half makes me wonder about a belief I might have about the present moment. Isn’t being in the present moment like experiencing infinity? So if I allow my feeling rather than resisting it, maybe I am afraid of the feeling being endless, or the feeling of it being endless. Then I think there is no way I can feel infinity in the present moment, that is beyond the 3D.

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