“GESARA/NESARA” Update: What’s Real & What’s Not?!?”


  1. A lot from what I have seen looks really good with GESARA/NESARA
    Good Questions about it all is it Real or Not Real?
    My feeling we need to be open to the possibilities.
    Time will tell either way
    In Love and Light

  2. Thank you Erai. I get what you’re saying and yes, visualizing is valuable. We all need to be doing that. My opinion (since you asked)…..is that your message would be more powerful, relevant and inspiring without being prefaced by another announcement that it’s finally happening in a couple days. We’re all burned out on hopium and starting your talk with more optimism may be counterproductive. Instantly it hooks into subconscious cynicism because we’ve heard so many similar promises. So yes, encourage people to act now but also consider not tying it to another promise. Forget GESARA. Don’t even mention it anymore. It’s now May 18th and I don’t see any changes. So once again my skepticism has surfaced and it tarnishes the beauty of your message. Let me know what you think. I think it’s time we all let go of empty promises and do exactly what you’re talking about.

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