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UPDATED VERSION WITH BETTER AUDIO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VN12fjWTvo&feature=youtu.be

My apologies for the poor audio quality. This was a one time mistake on my part. I had lost my headphones at the gym this week so I went and bought a cheap $12 pair from target on my way home to edit with, and the treble mix was much higher which made the music sound a lot quieter in my editing. Secondly, my lapel mic malfunctioned and I couldn’t use the audio from it since it was pure static, so I was forced to use my in camera audio. If you watch any of my other videos, you’ll see that they have much better audio quality. I appreciate all of your feedback but I assure you I am aware of the bad levels. My apologies again for the inconvenience!

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How To Talk To The Universe // Law Of Attraction Epilogue 1.3


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