January 20th 2021 – The War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: PLANDEMIC


  1. I’ve started avoiding everything regarding news to this whole plandemic. I just get so upset at how the majority had just allowed this to go on. I resent the people in my life that turned me away for speaking up. So much so, that I can feel the anger bubble up inside me when I think about it. I know I am complicit too for the things I let slide as well and need to say no. I guess I feel powerless to stand up for the things I am complying with and am angry with others for doing the same. Anyway…great show though. This is such a good summary so far.

    1. Be gentle with yourself. With meditation and prayer you can be kind to yourself. Then you’ll be able to help. I speak to myself in the same way. Have had the same feelings you describe and that’s one way I’m handling it…through prayer and meditation. And then I can see how to proceed.

    2. God Force bless you, I’m with you, but I don’t do anything requested / mandated and rely on God’s protection, and it works a treat, been asked ONCE where’s my mask to which I replied “My Darth Vader mask is in the car, didn’t feel like wearing it”. YES I have a plastic talking mask in the car lol I’ve been SEEN by police, they seem to look right thru me and I ignore them, I TRIED telling people truths but gave up frustrated when someone wanted to attack me. Take it easy Liela

  2. Hi Aaron. It was nice to meet you at the DC Mandate protest on Sunday. I love this content and your perspective (on pretty much everything) !!

  3. Great show. Will there be a Q&A next time? Do “they” retest for CV19 before giving boosters? I was thinking they might do that to track the progress on the vax gene therapy.

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