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Facebook: Donna McGrath, Miracle Healer and Medical Medium

January 6th 2022 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Quantum Miracles with Special Guest Donna McGrath


  1. Donna I loved your definition “consciously challenged” (for whom I call media fed brain dead people – or Forrest Gump types lol) or the masked, drug-pushing public 😉 Thank you for your work here on our platform with beautiful Laura. Donna you are truly a blessing among us. God Force shines through you on us all, great video Laura, really needed.

  2. I love this Lady.. Doona McGrath
    I also read the Celestine book . I wish that I could have inherited these miracles to help others. I did cure my own stage 3 cancer by researching herbs and my dr was amazed that within two weeks of surgery my tumor shrunk from 11cm -4 cm and said whatever I was doing was working and had I started sooner I may not had to have surgery. But I did refuse Chemo and it’s been 7 yrs . I hope one day I get to visit the Palaideins .Thank you both . I would like to donate to your miracle foundation.

  3. Gonna have to friend someone with a private jet hey Laura… thanks to Donna, she’s legendary, nice to see her on again…. God Force bless you both and families <3

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