January 8th 2022 – Ascension Connections with Andrew Genovese and Rob Rainer Event at Sow A Heart Farm LA


  1. Looks like a nice trip Andrew.
    More people need to be doing what that farm is doing, (or better.) Most of what was said would be useful to suburbanites but Bermuda grass has to be the worst ever choice of ground cover, it’s a stupid idea and a practically useless BAD energy stealing weed! Even animals don’t like eating it. Better to grow Dandelions, they cover the ground very well, bees love them, you can make tea or lemonade with them and you can eat the leaves and pull them out EASILY when not wanted! Besides they pull up the nutrients from deep and bring it to the surface if you just pull and drop for ground mulch. Everyone should look up Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison for the “best” practices for farming. God Force bless you guys.

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