June 10th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Interview With Ritual Satanic Abuse Survivor Derek


  1. Great interview! What a terrible experience for that man! Still having problems watching laura’s show. Lots of glitchy stuff with the website, hope this gets corrected soon, hope its just my problem cuz everybody needs to hear this info and comment.

  2. My daughter was a part of mk ultra programming, my mother has alters, im unsure where I fall in all this but I know its there. I am slowly working to access these parts of my mind. My question is could this be in our astrological charts? I had someone do my daughters birth chart who had no idea the past or any details whatsoever and they pointed out that her chart indicated some dark spiritual things and that there would be a large spiritual transformation at some point in her 30s or so but she will likely fight it. Her chart was very purpose driven. So could they be targeted based on their charts?or is this proof that we pick this experience before incarnation?

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