June 10th 2021 – Dr. Darrell Wolfe: Unleash your ROAR! | Life is a Fun-Filled Life-Threatening Adventure! Embrace It!


  1. Ve been following Darrell Wolfe foe awhile now and he is a true inspiration for me. Love and light CV family

  2. Darrell thanks so much man, I actually drip myself a bit of adrenaline every day in the shower, immediately after me cleansing hot shower I take a cold one, probably about 20-30 seconds, it’s invigorating. I say to God and myself “Thank you God for the instant healing this gives my body” and “I AM God Force within, I AM Power and Strength, I AM Immortal, Universal and Infinite – and so be it” and when I am cooled all over I turn off the taps and feel the warmth of the room and dry myself. I hope this adrenaline rush daily isn’t causing me issues!

  3. I’m curious about the water. I drink bottled spring water because I don’t know what else to drink.

  4. Thank you for answering my question about sleep apnea. I agree 100% that it is not true. I will direct my husband in the right direction and begin your advice right away.

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