June 17th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Great Forces of Light Are With Us | Special Guest: Contactee Elena Danaan


  1. If you were unfortunate enough to have had the fake vaccine with the nanobots (try sticking s fridge magnet on the jab spot, don’t freak) do a search for antinano-bucket on youtube (herbs beads etc. channel) and go get the stuff and make one, it WILL remove the nano from your body using frequency from your laptop charger. Tip: buy a connection adaptor to connect the laptop charger and you can use the one you normally use, plug in, unplug when needed! For God’s sake be careful not to splash water on the electricity connection, your life may depend on it. God Bless Elena and Laura, love you both.

  2. I would have liked to know if you get that shot and your body and a section of soul i under control, what about when your body ceases to function? We are Source. How can this computer keep us under control if we simply say we are Source and we refuse to return?

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