June 24th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Interview with Shaka channeled by Brandon Bozarth


  1. My spiritual evolution does not include some of the horrific adverse reactions of the jab. I would love to have the freedom to travel but that goop is not to be messed with. I dont think to myself i can put this goop in my body and my higher self will manifest a magc cure. Don’t tempt fate.

  2. Thanks for making this episode! Erai seems so much more relaxed for sure 🙂 now that out of the usa

  3. That was absolutely awesome! I really liked what he had to say about others on their spirital journey, and we need to mind our business.

  4. I was eager to see Laura interacting with Shaka, I knew it was going to be sort of funny. Their energies are so different. Anyway, great teachings from Shaka.

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