June 2nd 2021 – Psychedelic World with Marc Caron: Creating Safe Set and Setting for The Psychedelic Ceremony | Special Guest: Brigitte Mars


  1. I asked for a sign from the Universe…lol I am also happy that Brigitte discusses the importance of creating a safe set and setting! I think its important to acknowledge plant medicine as sacred! Now, to find a safe source of Ayahuasca…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Couple days ago I started watching a London Real YT vid and it was about athiawaska or whatever, and there was a pic of a guy wih a book and I saw a mushroom I’d run over with the mower (on purpose) a few weeks earlier…. RED with cream blots and white stem and underneath and it blew my mind! I went back to the place yesterday and dug a new one up a with the surrounding dirt to bring home – I have a pine tree next door and am hoping this will grow (symbiotic relationship apparently.) Keen to find out more (can’t post pics in here 🙁 )

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