June 30th 2021 – Psychedelic World with Marc Caron: Hollywood to the Amazon – SpiritHacking with Psychedelic Medicine | Special Guest: Sky Captain – Clint Carleton


  1. What’s funny guys (listening 1/2 way thru video) is that I saw and photographed a beautiful red mushroom with white spots, then thought “this is likely poisonous” and mowed it into the grass, and the next week I watched a London Real video talking about iowaska and he showed a book with this mushroom in it and it blew me away, “I saw this” I said and then researched it and OMG true psych mushie….!
    I actually lifted 5 out of the ground over the next few weeks from “the farm”, but was too scared to eat one (I live alone) and tonight I smoked “one of the ones I dried” in my pipe (and I haven’t smoked anything in 12 years!) Didn’t do anything (I found…. I was hoping for a spiritual experience.) Maybe I dried it incorrectly? It’s called Amareta Muscaris (or something like that.)

    1. Great share! Yes the Amareta Muscaris is a magic one, though is needed to be properly dried to get its best effect. Smoking mushrooms has never worked in my experience, especially psilocybin because it does not like heat.
      always do your research and smart not to “Trip” alone.

      1. All good Marc, been there done that with many other “shall we say ‘things’ ” lol I have no problem with doing stuff alone, did it in the 70’s… I know this “Alice in Wonderland” mushie hasn’t ever killed anyone (so they say) so I wasn’t worried. I found some nice purple shrooms in the same place, among the pine trees, and ate them after steaming, I think they are Russian or something like that, spicy hot taste and no side affects, completely edible, nice finding free food to cook and they had white gills… someone commented elsewhere not to eat anything with white gills if you don’t know what you are doing as the poisonous ones are white gilled. I researched very hard before deciding to eat them! 😀

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