March 10th 2022 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Rebecca Rose: Secret Space: Mars, MILAB & Beyond!


  1. Laura and Rebecca,
    Awesome, inspiring and informative dialog. Watching the interview, was like seeing the flickering of Light
    between two sacred candles!!! L&L to both of you.

  2. I love what you said about the capacity of healing for the ones a lot of people got their pitch forks and torches ready for, the more research I’ve done into MK Ultra and all these different programs they’re just slaves as well, under a spell and etc, when you step outside of this world and look in at all of it, healing is what every life deserves that has been tricked into serving a role they never imagined.

  3. Thank you for a very useful broadcast Laura and Rebecca! When is the Gathering you spoke of happening, and what are details about it?

  4. Laura you are doing an awesome job at teaching us what we need to really know I have learned so much thank you

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