March 17th 2022 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Former FBI Agent Reveals Truth Behind Ukraine & Upcoming Alien Invasion } Special Guest John DeSouza


  1. Another fantastic interview. Always great to have heads up on what these pathetic psychos are up to. Now the Ukraine are getting sent billions of Normies money because they are believing the boo hoo stories. That money will go straight to the cabal. It’s like seriously WAKE T.F.U right? Anyway well done Laura that was awesome to watch sending love from a kiwi living in Melbourne ❤

    1. I believe this is part one and two combined because I’ve watched both parts and neither part was over an hour so I’m thinking this is both parts I haven’t watched all the way yet that I’m thinking that’s the case! ?

  2. Amazing source of information! Thank you, Laura and John. I have just ordered both books of John DeSouza.

  3. Patel group? Can any one find this on telegram? Looking for what was mentioned in the transcript on telegram, and can’t find. Do I have the correct spelling?

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