March 27th 2022 – The War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Vaccine Nation Part 1 with Dr. Larry Palevsky


  1. Dr. Larry Palevsky is a great speaker! I really enjoyed listening to his take on things! Thanks for another awesome episode guys ❤️??

  2. I feel like I’ve been going to the same college class for the past 2 yrs or more, yes pertinent information shown, all known, but then again I researched this since I became suspicious – which was late 2019 – very early 2020. The datd given to “throw people off” was all 5G related, and so we all went on that research path, and it was filled with misinformation scattered with truth – very difficult to follw (and if you SPOKE about it you were “An idiot” by your telecommuncation educated field technician friends), which of course is very incorrect as well. They just “had no clue” what they were talking about in reality, and we saw tests proving the frequencies causing BAD effects by proper scientific researchers. Back to the jabs, the same tactics were used, and having been scoffed at for the 5G stuff, those of us heavily researching the jabs became very careful to “vet” information before offering it to friends and family. Sadly the lamestream media has more power than I in their minds, and so like many of us, my entire family is JABBED, some 3 times already, thankfully none of them have died as a result, although 2 have been VERY ill, hospitalised in the case of my 50yr old brother (who apparently now looks over 60) and my son’s 18yr old sister, who has lost 1/3rd of her weight. The hospital had “no clue” what is/was wrong with him, his NURSE wife rejected my suggestion of “vaers” and said “oh no that was too long ago…. can’t be that” go figure! Thanks guys for the show, hoping it educates some others and saves lives. God Force bless you all.

  3. Absolutely outstanding interview and clear presentation of vitally important information. Appreciate Conscious Vitality SO MUCH! Many thanks.

  4. Not to diminish the tragedy of ~12,000 adverse fatalities. Can you put this discussion in perspective though in the context of the global Covid death rates or severe hospitalization & long Covid patients aftermaths throughout the period before the vac came on the scene and the actual drop in global health fatalities after millions of vacs were safely given? Are you questioning the validity of such factual data? If so, I’d like to see credible study to get to the truth. Even recently, it was my reading that Sweden who took a laizzer fair approach to Covid suffered much greater fatalities relative to other European nations who took various precautionary measures including vacs. I believe all ppl are trying to get to the truths yet like most topics in our complex world, there is a reason we need to trust our experts educated in this field. We decipher these souls by their conduct and discerned ppl like Dr Fauci or Dr. Wen & the like are on the paths of serve to others as much as they can be. I am prepared to have my trust in these ppl challenged. But that must be from factual evidence, not perhaps, and speculations of factors no one has fully analyzed. There are no absolutes nor 100% perfection for anything man makes or even formed by Mother Nature, in my experience. So to have a drug that is 100% no adverse effect when it needs to be administer to billions of people to avoid pandemic when millions already have died on this planet is unfortunately probably not attainable.
    I am one to truly champicritical thinking. But it must be tempered with proper macro views. With regards to your Expert DR. With all due respect, isn’t it just as irresponsible for him to point to probable other false flags ( ddt, toxins) when he has no real research study to backup his iconlastic viewpoint?
    I was born in 1957. Have many cousins around same age. The only cousin I have that suffered & became a cripple was the one that didn’t get to get the polio vaccine. So the answer your question, it’s not what THEY said, it’s factual firsthand historic experience.
    I am by no means coming to defence of pharmaceuticals and with any human institution, they are fraught with many ills. Yet, it’s still our predicament as a species to try and suss out methods that do more amelioration or cure than damage.
    I am not a fan of MSM esp in the realm of currentworld politics and find alternative sources to get to better truths. Part of the reason I subscribed just today is due to wholehearted resonance to most of Aaron’s YouTube messages on topic of SQ.
    Part of critical thinking though is never to leave it at the door just because you are a fan. Hope you understand & thank you for this forum. 🙏

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