Mastering Manifestation with the Grabovoi Technique taught by Aloma Tente


  1. Spontaneous manifestation in a person’s direct environment and sphere of consciousness (can extend to planetary and beyond) based on the person’s frequency. E.g. today I ate a salami sandwich and I suddenly see a little fly on it, even though the office is closed with aircon on all the time. I think this happens in nature all the time without our noticing it, e.g. flies of that given colour appearing near/on corpses at a given time and so on, along with other more radiant examples. It’s just that we haven’t been aware of the causality of all this until now, where trans-dimensional “travellers” are fully aware of what frequencies attract what kind of physical environment. So in addition to physically moving from place to place, one can move up and down in frequency in that same place, and observe different manifestations (people passing by, birds, cats, etc. having one’s attention drawn to different things or colours, and so on.

    4D – yes, acceleration and deceleration of time can be observed, between countries e.g. Thailand (slow) and Switzerland (fast), and even in different areas of one country – when one enters a more dense (time goes by faster) space, one can sense contraction in the thyroid area.

    Thank you so much for this video. Muito obrigado Aloma and the interpreters.

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