May 15th 2022 – Spirit Lift with Victoria Reynolds: Miracles


  1. Thank you Victoria, beautiful first video, especially the editing at 11:30 Hey talking aobut dropping things, I do the exact opposite to you, and I know it is miracles preventing me from being injured. Whenever I drop anything, or something falls, (not too hevy of course, like 20+Kg heavy), I quickly instinctively lift my leg and “catch” the thing with my foot, this has included sharp knives etc. so I know I am being looked after here lol. They always land ON my foot at the right “safe” angle, to be lowered slower to the floor than the speed gravity is taking them, guess I’ve developed a “knack” for it, and I seldom break things (sometimes there are too many things falling tho!) Love you Victoria, “God” – Creative Force blesses you. <3

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