May 5, 2022 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Why The Deep State is Hilarious! with Special Guest Simon Esler


  1. This is one of my favorite interviews, Laura and Simon. Funny stuff, but also appreciated the reminder that most people, regardless of political alignment or religious affiliation, have good intentions that are being played by the cabal. A good reminder for all of us to find our common ground and raise our vibrations for all. Love you Laura. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Sso far I love it!!!! Golden Timeline, yes. I see evil getting in and changing it all, making sure it loses purity and parity. I mean Trans and BLM.

  3. What? the right are murderers. they just let a room of children be murdered! I get their emails offering me all manner of guns, knives, hidden pouches for guns for only mailing costs.

  4. Totally agree about the real horrors going on and how people and the media divert it with small shit.
    Nobody seems to know the story of Will Smith’s childhood and why he really did it.

  5. Yep, it’s very real; the damage being done. that’s why they’re laughing anyway, the “PTB”.
    Love and laughter to heal

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