May 9th 2021 – Quantum Manifestation with Donna McGrath: All About Miracles – True Case Histories


  1. I simply Love Donna’s sessions!
    The first time I discovered her is when Erai interviewed her a few months back.
    Her Healing session was Amazing!
    I loved so much a looked her up and bought the Healing Meditation. She even gave me a few suggestions how to deal with certain issues.
    I have to say I no longer have that issue and so grateful. Conscious Vitality has brought in with regular sessions.
    It is shame there was Internet issues.
    Diffidently look forward to her next session and Yes her Healing Meditation is differently worth buying!
    Can listen to it over and over and good to know only do every other day and drink lots of water.

    Thank you Donna!

  2. Looking forward to the Total Body Healing MP3 Donna but on visiting your site I cannot find a download link…. I’m currently having serious back pain issues and was hoping I’d find it.

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