November 13th 2021 – The War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Fake News LIVE Q & A


  1. from my view point i would say rosenbaum wanted to kill himself.. not just for happiness or for attention perhaps.. Besides some sort of karmic connection between the two.. maybe?

  2. I am thinking the same way about many of my evangelical Christian friends, they are where they need to be spiritually. I am in a different place than they are, not necessarily better, but what is best for my soul’s journey. I don’t try to condemn their beliefs, nor push my on them… many ways they are the same, anyway, but some important differences. But how do you maintain relationships with these friends and family with respect without feeling like I’m lying in some ways? I feel like they don’t understand when I try to explain and are certain I have gone to the devil, lol. But, I also can’t go to their church or join their bible studies without feeling like I’m betraying what I now believe in my heart to be true. Yet, I really don’t want to even start a conversation about my beliefs now, it only causes discord.

    1. Gosh I’ve been there believe me ?❤️ What really helped me was, don’t try to “figure out” the persons problems, put your attention on the person. This experience can be the most powerful tool of self realization. Everything else will fall into place. Don’t prove to them that “your way” is better by explaining it to them. Just show them the fruits of your new beliefs by BEING your true self. From my experience being in my true self has been more beneficial to me and those around me than when I was a Christian. And that alone is enough for me to “risk it all”. This is TRUE faith in God and is what Jesus did as a Jew 2000 years ago. Don’t follow the majority consensus belief. Think for yourself and find a path that brings the most love out of you.

    2. I’m in a similar situation with evangelical christian friends and my own evangelical christianity and one of the way’s I’m dealing with it is by finding similarities between my beliefs and theirs without discussing or talking about the dogma I disagree with. I don’t go to church or bible studies tho. Too much there I disagree with.

  3. Thanks Aaron, Brandon good to watch you two…. I had a question part way thru but didn’t write it down and now it’s “in the ether somewhere” lol Cheers guys

  4. I am glad Aaron said that about watching the news. I was sucked into spending too much time each day on all the “alternative” news on covid, the deep state, etc. It was like hearing the same thing over and over again from different perspectives, different people and not hearing anything new. Like a hamster wheel. I got off the wheel (finally) and I am not missing anything and can spend my time on better things.

  5. Thank you for this! Especially enjoyed the positivity and the advice for dealing with family and politics/news. Perfect timing as Thanksgiving is near!

  6. I appreciate these honest exchanges, you both are lighthouses on the stormy sea in this dream. This shows us how to be in the world knowing we are not of it. A great Love teacher I know and love, we call Jesus did see the false without accepting it as true yet his goal was to show us and save us from our own illusions (which are reflected on the stage of this man made world .) You both show a kind and forgiving way to navigate all this as he did and this is a grace. Thank you both!!

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