November 16th 2021 – Quantum Shift with Clayton Thomas


  1. Clayton good chat with Michelle, and Justin afterwards, looking forward to what juicy bits you got from Sacha 😉 You doing a show with him soon or what man?

  2. Good shit! Hey, if you can use it in the lead in…. lol. Really very interesting and well-aligned with my own perspectives.
    Hadn’t heard of the upper echelon’s also being under siege from the machine, which just goes to show how close it really is to top-down rule, 1% of the 1% type scenario. Basically, they will steal everything they can get away with while buying everything in existence at rock bottom prices. Including going so far as to produce tragic events to generate their excuses for instituting the changes they need for greater dominance and control.
    No, it’s not how most people would envision it, but a real nice setup if you’re evil with zero empathy. Thank goodness for people among us like this extraordinarily strong woman you interviewed.

  3. Sacha’s recommendation makes a difference. He calls it like it is! Love Sacha. I’m feeling the results in so little time. Blessings!

  4. Whoa…the Terminator is the prequel to the Matrix….profound!
    And did you say David Wilcock? Yes, collaborate. So cool. Dr. Rahm would love his former wife Elizabeth….both are goddesses!

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