November 21st 2021 – Sacha Stone LIVE: Tartaria and The Veil of Illusion with Michelle Gibson and Cambell Purvis from Autodidact


  1. Phenomenal show, thank you Sacha, Michelle and Campbell – what a plethora of awakening information, everyone needs it, but few have it. Never really thought of where the orphans came from…. the LAST not-so-great-reset 🙁 How many HAVE there been? God Force is blessing us even now, thanks guys

  2. Wow! Thank you all for this eye-opening information! Compelling and riveting. Critical to bring these deceptions to light. So grateful for your work and voices to raise awareness.

  3. Thank You Sacha, love this info on true history or Herstory! Hope you come to Costa Rica soon! Open invite to

  4. Hi, I really enjoyed the show – one question- do ‘they’ then keep resetting and us, as souls, keep playing the ‘game’?

  5. Interesting stuff but the missing people in some of the photoes can be explained by the old camera technology. They had extremely long exposure times of several hours, such that people or objects in motion would not register in the image at all.

  6. It was a pleasure to hear this conversation with great insights among three avid researchers of history. Prime takeaway being: do not believe everything we are told. Sadly, most of it appears to be little more than indoctrination. Which brings us to the question of how do we go forward when history is a manipulative fabrication of lies?

  7. I believe the better question is ‘how does this happen’ as opposed to ‘why this has happened. digging through the story is long and never ending. Recognize the structure and how it works, sets us free! (41 min)

  8. Thanks for this amazing knowledge, Sacha (Michelle and Campbell). I want to learn more about my Portuguese roots.! I understand you were in Portugal recently. I’m in the process of moving back to the Northern region where most of my family currently lives. I also want to bring the Root products to family and the Portuguese people. I know, lofty aspirations, but a girl can dream. Thank you a million times!

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