November 23rd 2021 – Quantum Shift with Clayton Thomas: Vaccines with Dr. Rahm and Special Guest Guy H. Palmer


  1. This Guy sounds like he’s been vetted by the lamestream into believing that .003% is a critical death rate requiring insane measures. Sorry Doc, but it’s a plan, these figures are no worse than a flu and you cannot dispute it.

  2. Why are we sicker than ever and especially in America. Why are the companies that make the “vaccines” not liable for their products? I got a lot of why’s just like everybody else. Why not study the unvaccinated vs vaccinated?

  3. I thought it was very interesting, thank you Clayton and I am so glad I watch to the end, the beginning was very depressing to listen to. I only resonantly started listening to you so was not sure what to expect, but your personality is shining through now, Love you guys

  4. Hmm, not sure what to make of this. Quit around 25m after Dr Palmer’s empty-sounding reassurances. Don’t think I’ll ever agree that it’s a good thing to be part of the grand experiment.

  5. Unbelievable you are spreading this absolute NONSENSE. Are you completely ignorant or are you maliciously deceitful? OMG. Very disappointed Conscious Vitality that you would host this.

  6. Suffered through the nearly 8 minutes of self aggrandizing introduction. Not even at 12 and I’m turning this shit OFF. LIARS or complete MORONS. In either case, not worth poisoning your mind. If I wanted to tune into the lies, I’d be watching CNN.

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