November 26th 2021 – Ascension Connections with Andrew Genovese: Spirituality and Physicality, Exiting the Debt Slave Matrix by the Use of Law with Special Guest Robert Michael


  1. Thanks for sharing ? I knew a lot of this but gave up as I didn’t know how to push back. I’ve now ‘bought’ a home and have refused the V so will have to revisit me thinks ?

  2. Thank you Andrew and Robert, another key for a lock given. I’d like to know if the “police” paid for the window, if you can ask Robert please Andrew? Will you be giving the website address when it is live? God Force blesses both you.

  3. Andrew, what an amazing show. Talk about serendipity – I just came across another site last night about Notices of Liability (similar to Robert’s methodology), but Robert has really cracked this open for me. I’ll be signing up on his site ASAP. Thank you for the work you are both doing. Much love.

  4. This stuff is 100% true, the reason being that I had seen an interview like that on Age of Truth TV, hard to wrap our heads around it initially, I went back to see the interview again and it was taken down, if controllers are too eager to censor and suppress, it has to be true, only the truth is dangerous to the controllers, they do not censor real BS.

"Censorship is REAL"

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