November 2nd 2021 – Quantum Shift with Clayton Thomas


  1. Received my trinity pack. I am not clear whether I take it daily as a preventive measure or start it if I get symptoms? Please advise.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      This is how I started off with the trinity pack: I started taking 3 drops of CleanSlate in the morning and evening. After a couple of days you can slowly work your way up until you reach 10 drops in the morning and 10 in the evening.
      ZeroIn: I take one capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening.
      Restore: You can take a Restore every other day, or half a sachet every day if you would like to.
      I`m sure you won´t be using CleanSlate just as a preventive, but to decalcify your pineal gland and to get rid of the toxins in your body. I hope I was able to help you a bit. Otherwise please get in touch with your sponsor. I´m sure he/she will be able to assist you further. I live in Germany, otherwise I would help and support you more, if need be. Warm regards, Patricia

  2. Great show guys, thanks Clayton, Justin and Tonda…. hope I have enough immunity to repel the shedding, right now all I have is pine needle tea from a farm I work in. It’s good tasting tea and free 😉

  3. I just went to your site conscious vitality to which I subscribe, to purchase invermectin but it is not listed on your products page. How may I purchase it from you? Sidika from Australia

  4. where can we get ivermectin from to have on hand ahead of time rather than waiting to get sick and then trying to find a doc to prescribe it

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